El Cerrito and Oakland
Hand Therapy & Acupuncture

Susan Cupples, OTR/L, CHT, LAc.

Available: El Cerrito Clinic & Oakland Clinic

Founder and Director of El Cerrito Hand Therapy & Acupuncture Rehabilitation, estab. in 2001
Founder and Director of Oakland Hand Therapy & Acupuncture Rehabilitation, estab. in 2003. Some clinical Spanish is spoken.

Ongoing/yearly CEUs in Hand Therapy & Acupuncture/Chinese Medicine
Certified Hand Therapist: 2006
Masters Degree, Acupuncture/Chinese Medicine 2000, American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, San Francisco, CA
Bachelors Degree in Occupational Therapy 1989, Loma Linda University, Loma Linda CA

Previous Experience:
Independent Ergonomic Specialist serving Pacific Bell and SBC and others. 2yrs
Contracting Occupational Therapist/ Home Health Care in all of San Francisco. 5 yrs
Accelerated Hand Therapy El Cerrito, CA. 3 yrs
Ergo Rehab/Hand Therapy. Fremont CA. 2 yrs
San Francisco General Hospital, Acute Care/Rehab. Head Injury & Stroke Rehab. 2 yrs

Molly Adams, MOT, OTR/L
Available: El Cerrito Clinic & Oakland Clinic

Joined us: 6/2018.

Masters of Science Degree: Occupational Therapy: San Jose State University: 12/2017.
Ongoing/yearly CEUs.

Previous Experience:
Skilled Nursing Facilities in Berkeley, Ca 2018.
Oakland and El Cerrito Hand Therapy Aide/Front Office 2013-15.

Yang Yu, MOT, OTR/L
Available: El Cerrito Clinic & Oakland Clinic

Joined us: 3/2020.

Masters of Science: Occupational Therapy. Stanbridge University: 12/2019.
Master of Arts: Psychology. Pepperdine University: 5/2014.
Ongoing OT-Hand Therapy continuing education courses 2020. PAMS certified 2021.
Ongoing/yearly CEUs.

Previous Experience:
Fieldwork placements: Out Patient Hand Clinic: Bellflower , CA.
Skilled Nursing: Irvine, CA. Adult Disabilities: Orange county, Ca. Pediatric Sub Acute Rehab: Loma Linda CA.
Work Experience: 5 years as a Supervisor: Food related; customer service/complaints, and managed workers and productivity.

Katarina "Kat" Kantor, MOT, OTR/L

Available: El Cerrito Clinic

Joined us: 11/2020.

Master of Occupational Therapy. Samuel Merrit University, Oakland , Ca: 2016
Bachelors of Arts, Psychology : University, Ca Davis : 2010.

Previous Experience:
Excell Health Care Center : Skilled Nursing: OT ADL's : Rehabilitation.
Oakland Healthcare and Wellness Center: Skilled Nursing : OT ADL's : Rehab
Spectrum Center Schools: OT interventions for children w/ physical disabilities.
Also an Instructor for Level 2 OT students/training. 3 years employment.

Ronald Ng, MOT, OTR/L

Available: El Cerrito Clinic & Oakland Clinic

Joined us: 3/2021.

Masters of Science Degree: Occupational Therapy: Samuel Merrit University, Oakland, Ca. 12/30/2020.
Ongoing/yearly CEUs.

Previous Experience:
Three months Fieldwork Training : Sutter/ABMG: Acute Care OT Rehab. Oakland, Ca 9-12/2020.
Three months Fieldwork Training : El Cerrito and Oakland Hand Therapy: Out patient Specialty UE/ Hand Rehab. 6-9/2020.

We are all Licensed OTs: Occupational Therapist. We specialize in providing treatments from the Shoulder to the Fingers.
Many Doctors/Surgeons and lay people will refer to Us as "Hand Therapists." Very often, we are called PTs: Physical Therapists. Historically OTs much more than PTs would focus much more on restoring the patient Hand/Arm Function by using a wide variety of "Therapeutic Activities," "not just exercise."

An example, if a person has a Stroke, Head injury, Spinal Cord injury, fractured Arm or Hand, or a trigger finger, or lacerated Tendon in the Thumb; you Need An Occupational Therapist: Hand/Arm Specialist to retrain your Hand/Arm and return your injured body part to a reasonable function.
OT's focus on Upper Body Rehabilitation and PTs more commonly treat the Legs, Back, Neck, Knees, and Feet.

In both of Our Outpatient Clinics ALL of Our OT Hand/Arm Therapists have specialized training.
We all utilized progressive treatment approaches for each and every patient and injury. We all provide highly skilled treatments including: Customized Home Exercise Programs for each patient: stretches, exercises, and strengthening.
Manual treatment techniques such as Soft Tissue Massage, Instrument/tool Massage, Joint Mobilization, and Taping. Custom Fabrication of Splint and Orthosis for the Elbow to the Hand. Ergonomics: joint protection, body mechanics, activity modifications, adaptive equipment training.
Modalities: Ultrasound treatments, Various Electric Stimulation machines, parafin wax, Iontophoresis.