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El Cerrito and Oakland
Hand Therapy & Acupuncture

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Lisa Yee, Renee Barroga, Susan Cupples, Christine Lai, Dawn Caldwell  

It is exceptional to have five Certified Hand Therapists(CHT), who all specialize in treating post-surgical injuries from the Arm to the Fingers, as well as Repetitive Strain injuries from the Shoulder to the Fingers. Our combined 75 years of experience as Occupational Therapists is certain to accelerate your healing and restore your Arm and Hand functions.

Aches and Pains may not “just go away”. Don’t let your aches and pains become Tendonitis or Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Call us before your pain interrupts your work, sleep, and fun. We have two locations to serve you in the East Bay.

We treat all ages and hand problems.

We reduce your pain and build
your strength and function.

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Common diagnosis that we treat daily are:

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   Nerve Problems:
        Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
        Cubital Tunnel Syndrome
        Golfer's Elbow
        Tennis Elbow
        Wrist and Finger
        De Quervains
   Nerve Lacerations/Irritations/Neuromas
   Tendon Repairs
   Pains and Strains: Shoulders to Hands.

Our Acupuncture treatments help reduce pain and recovery time for the whole body.
Including: Sports Injuries • Back Problems • Tendonitis • PMS • Menopause and more.